De mooiste kerst haaraccessoires en sieraden - Staartjes en Strikjes

The most beautiful Christmas hair accessories and jewelry

Santa Claus is coming, and we all get our best outfit out of the closet. The somewhat younger ladies also want to look good during the holidays. The accessories from our Christmas collection should therefore not be missed. These are the icing on the cake of any festive outfit. From hair accessories to jewelry , we are at home in all markets.

The festive Christmas collection of Staartjes en Strikjes responds to everyone's wishes. Unique glittering barrettes or a beautiful pair of Christmas earrings , these will get you through the holidays. Our Christmas hair accessories are also often put on the wish list as gift ideas.

Curious about our special Christmas collection? We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities. In the article below we show you which Christmas hair accessories should not be missed during the holidays. These pearls will help you put together a unique Christmas hairstyle or beautiful glitter outfit. You certainly don't want to miss that!

Our versatile Christmas hair accessories

To begin with, we would like to take a closer look at the hair accessories from our Christmas collection. These are available in many shapes and sizes. Our collection of Christmas hair accessories is very diverse, which means that there is something nice for every young lady. Below is an impression of the possibilities.

  • Velvet hair bows
  • Gold hair clips
  • Hair lights
  • Festive headband
  • Glitter accessories (hair bows/barrettes)

This is just a selection from the unique Christmas collection of Staartjes en Strikjes. These gift ideas will certainly help Santa bring the most beautiful presents. Every young lady completes her Christmas hairstyle with these unique Christmas hair accessories. A few glitter barrettes in combination with a velvet hair bow, and your little princess will undoubtedly steal the show during Christmas dinner.


The most beautiful children's jewelery from our Christmas collection

Children's jewelry is very popular during the holidays. After all, the little ones also want to look their best for Santa's visit. Fortunately, we have a large collection of jewelry especially for the holidays. Especially the Christmas earrings are very popular among the young ladies. Below are some Christmas earrings from our festive collection.

  • Christmas trees
  • Christmas bells
  • Presents
  • Christmas stocking
  • Snowman
  • Snowflakes
  • Stars
  • Candy cane
  • reindeer

These are the most popular children's earrings from our Christmas collection. As you can see there is plenty of choice. The stud earrings are available in many different colors and sizes. So there is a nice pair of earrings for everyone.

Order your favorite Christmas accessories at Staartjes en Strikjes

Have you set your sights on those beautiful glitter accessories from our Christmas collection ? Simply place an order via our webshop. However, we do advise you to be there on time. Our Christmas collection is very popular. To be sure that you can respond to the gift ideas of your loved one, we recommend that you get your Christmas presents in time.

During the month of December, our usually very fast delivery can be slightly delayed. After all, the delivery services are also immensely busy during this period. So order on time, so that Santa Claus can deliver the gems from our Christmas collection on time.

The Christmas collection of Staartjes en Strikjes consists of earrings and hair accessories in various price ranges. Customers with a small budget can therefore also succeed in our versatile collection.