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Lapetra Children's Earrings – A Unique Collection

We recently started selling various cheerful children's earrings from the Lapetra brand . This is a Spanish jewelery brand that is characterized by a very colorful and unique collection. We are very proud to be able to sell this beautiful brand of children's earrings. It is without a doubt an enrichment of our range. The collection is at home in all markets, and we hope to be able to respond to the wishes of every customer.

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Characteristics of the Lapetra collection

The Lapetra collection of children's earrings is characterized by a number of unique features. To give you a better picture of this beautiful collection, we discuss the special features of the Lapetra children's earrings below.

High quality earrings

The high-quality children's earrings from Lapetra are made of 925 sterling silver. This results in high quality earrings that last a long time. The Lapetra earrings can definitely take a beating, and are therefore also suitable for active and young girls.

Crafted by hand

The Lapetra collection is largely handmade. That promises a beautiful and very unique collection. The earrings are also hand enameled. This ensures an extra sturdy and beautiful looking earring.

Suitable for young and old

Both young girls and older teenage girls can come to us for a beautiful pair of earrings. The Lapetra collection is suitable for girls in different age categories. This versatility is absolutely unique. After all, it ensures that the Lapetra collection distinguishes itself from the competition.

With the beautiful Lapetra children's earrings, every girl looks beautiful. Let's take a closer look at the collection.

Different types of Lapetra children's earrings

The Lapetra collection is full of cheerful children's earrings with various closures. You will come across a lot in this collection, especially the screw closures and the French hook closures. The collection also consists of many different types of earrings. Below we discuss the different models.

In the Lapetra children's earrings collection you will find various cheerful stud earrings. Each button has its own unique design. From various simple figures to cheerful animal friends, it's all possible. These colorful earrings are very suitable for the younger girls.

In addition to stud earrings, you can also find various earrings in the Lapetra collection. From cheerful stars to charming flowers, the earrings are available in various shapes and sizes. There is also a beautiful collection of mother-of-pearl earrings available. This collection will undoubtedly also appeal to older girls.

Finally, the Lapetra collection also has elegant earrings. These creole earrings can again contain various cheerful figures. Although we do not recommend these earrings for the smallest, they can certainly be worn by both toddlers and teenage girls. Of course, the figure that is attached to the earring will determine the age category for which it is suitable.

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