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Different types of earrings – All types in a row

Finding suitable children's earrings can be quite a challenge. Because what options are there, and what does the young lady herself like? These are all things that are important when choosing a good pair of children's earrings. Fortunately, you can choose from different types of earrings at Staartjes en Strikjes. There is something for everyone.

Cheerful pendant earrings for children, silver earrings with a butterfly closure or earrings with a handy screw closure? The choice is yours. Although each type of earring has its own advantages, all earrings from Staartjes en Bowjes are always safe and easy to use.

Are you curious about all our different types of children's earrings? Then we recommend that you read the article below. Here we tell you everything you need to know about our unique earrings. Hopefully, based on this blog, a good choice can be made for the best children's earrings for you!

All our silver children's earrings in a row

Our earrings are made of high quality silver. We attach great importance to high quality. Prefer skin-friendly earrings made of other materials? We also have that in house. We'll tell you more about that later!

Let's start by listing all our silver children's earrings. This way you will certainly get a better idea of ​​the different options. The choice is wide and there is a beautiful set of earrings for every girl.

Silver children's earrings with butterfly closure

The most famous children's earrings are without a doubt those with a butterfly closure. The earrings have a straight plug that goes into the hole of the ear, then the earring is closed with a butterfly cap. You can easily slide this over the plug. It is important that you do not press the cap too closely against the earlobe. This can cause inflammation. So always leave some space between the ear and the closure.

These earrings are mainly popular because of their simple use. So does a young lady want to change earrings often? Then our silver children's earrings with butterfly closure are ideal.

Silver children's earrings with screw closure

A variation on the butterfly clasp are our silver children's earrings with screw closure. You tighten this closure, which significantly reduces the chance of losing the earring. In this way, the proud owner of the earrings can play carefree.

Even younger girls can wear these earrings without any danger. Did you know that our children's earrings with screw closure are available in all shapes and sizes. Are you going for a diamond, a heart shape or a cheerful flower? You will find it all in our extensive collection.

Silver children's earrings earrings brisure closure

You may not be familiar with the term, but you will undoubtedly recognize our earrings with brisure closure. These pendant earrings for children consist of a ring that has to be put through the ear, which then closes with a spring closure.

Our earrings with brisure closure are therefore ideal for any young lady who can appreciate a pair of beautiful drop earrings. At Staartjes&Strikjes you can also choose from an unprecedented wide range of pendant earrings for children. From your favorite animal to the cutest shapes, our earrings are all unique.

Silver children's earrings creole earrings

Another unique type that we have in the collection are creole earrings. These round earrings are without a doubt a favorite among many young ladies. This is of course because of our wide choice of various models of hoop earrings, but the ease of use also plays a major role.

You put the ring of the earring through the hole and then click the earring closed, it can be that easy. Handy for girls who like to put in their earrings themselves. Moreover, they are earrings that will not be lost easily. So ideal!

Silver children's earrings with French hook closure

Finally, we would like to discuss our children's earrings with French hook closure. These are earrings with an extra long hook. You put this through the holes and you can then hook it so that it cannot fall out quickly.

The children's earrings with French hook closure are mainly suitable for older girls. Fortunately, with us you will find a unique earring for every young lady. Our earrings with French hook closure are provided with beautiful diamonds, which makes them very suitable for various occasions.

Prefer no silver?

Some girls are less resistant to silver or even have a silver allergy. At Staartjes en Strikjes we have thought of that. We also offer children's earrings made of other materials. Think of steel children's earrings and skin-friendly earrings that are made of high-quality titanium or medical plastic.

Curious about all our skin-friendly children's earrings? View our collection.

You can find the most beautiful children's earrings at Staartjes & Bows

Hopefully the above list has given you a better impression of the various types of children's earrings. Is your favorite earring also among them? Then you have come to the right place at Staartjes en Strikjes. We sell the most beautiful silver children's earrings, only of the very best quality. With our earrings every child can feel like a princess.

In case of a silver allergy, you can also choose other types of earrings with us. We also have children's earrings made of steel, titanium and medical plastic in our collection. So there really is a suitable earring for everyone.

Are you curious about our full range? You're viewing it here!