Tips and advice about earrings

General tips :

  • Clean the earrings with, for example, alcohol or Sterilon before putting them in.
  • Check the backs/clasps of the earrings every day with clean hands.
  • Don't put the backs too tight against the ear, as this will prevent air from getting in. This can cause a pressure allergy and the earrings can grow in or wounds can develop and become infected.
  • Remove the earrings while showering, exercising and sleeping. You can store them in the jewelry box that we provide with your order.
  • Only touch the earring and the ear with clean hands and care for the holes regularly. Also be careful with the use of chemicals such as those found in shampoo or bathing water.

    What should I do if an ear hole is infected?

    It can happen that an ear hole becomes inflamed. You can prevent this by using sterile earrings (e.g. clean them with Sterilon) and taking care of the ear hole regularly. Make sure that you do not place the closure too close to the earpiece so that enough air can reach the hole.
    Also make sure that you wear earrings made of a material that meets all guidelines. Our silver earrings are guaranteed to be made of 925 Sterling Silver and are nickel and cobalt free (this may no longer be used according to current regulations). If the ear hole is inflamed and if the inflammation spreads, if you develop a fever or if you do not trust it, it is wise to consult your doctor.

    It can happen that an ear hole that has not caused any problems for years suddenly becomes inflamed. This can happen, for example, due to minor damage or when using chemicals such as those found in shampoo or bathing water.

    There is black deposits on the earrings, why is that?

    Silver is a precious metal that can oxidize, causing a black discoloration. Discoloration is a natural process and is not harmful.
    Everyone's skin is different and everyone therefore reacts differently to silver.
    We are often asked whether our earrings are made of real silver, the fact that they turn black is a sign that they are real silver.

    Silver turns black due to sulfur, a substance that occurs in the air and in many products. When silver comes into contact with this, a chemical reaction occurs and you get a black layer. Materials where sulfur can occur include perfumes, elastic bands, wool and rubber.

    If your earrings have turned black, it is best to polish them with a (silver) polishing cloth.
    Some other tips to prevent blackening are:
    - take off the earrings if you perspire during exercise, for example
    - Only put in the earrings after you have... hair spray, perfume, etc
    - take off the earrings when you go swimming or showering.

    Is there a warranty on the earrings?

    We give a 1 month warranty on the earrings provided they have been worn properly.
    The warranty does not cover: scratches and dents and other damage that may arise from daily use, fall damage, nor damage/discoloration caused by exposure to chemicals such as some types of perfume, make-up, hair styling products, chlorinated water, etc. off while showering/bathing and swimming.

    Loss of earrings and end stops is not covered by the warranty.

    My (folding) hoop earrings no longer close!

    If your hoop earrings no longer close properly, it is time to readjust them. You can easily do this yourself. Very carefully push the stud of the earring slightly upwards. Do this carefully because it is a very small adjustment, for example you can do this with the edge of your nail. This is a minimal difference, but if all goes well it will have an immediate effect and the earring will now close properly again. If this is not the case, you can carefully try again. If it really doesn't work, you can always send the earring to us so that we can do it for you.

    Please note that hoop earrings may need to be adjusted more often if worn daily. It can happen that the plug is pressed down slightly when putting it in, causing the earrings to no longer close properly. This is because the earrings are made of a soft precious metal such as silver.

    My butterfly clasp on an earring is not tight enough:

    In the video below you can see how you can tighten the butterfly clasps of your earrings so that they are less loose.