Maak kennis met onze collectie diademen: perfect voor jouw kleine fashionista! - Staartjes en Strikjes

Get to know our collection of tiaras: perfect for your little fashionista!

Looking for the perfect accessory for your little girl? Our collection of tiaras in different sizes offers the solution! These tiaras are not only beautiful to look at, but also super comfortable to wear. With an extensive color palette, there are diadems that match every outfit
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Ontdek de Voordelen van Titanium Oorbellen - Staartjes en Strikjes

Discover the Benefits of Titanium Earrings

Titanium is a metal that is becoming increasingly popular in the jewelry industry due to the many benefits it offers. In particular, titanium earrings are increasingly appreciated for their hypoallergenic properties and the comfort they provide. Blomdahl, a renowned brand in the jewelry industry, has a collection of medical titanium earrings that are sold by Staartjes en Bowjes. This collection is suitable for both children and adults.
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Nieuwe collectie oorbellen van Orage Kids en Teenz nu verkrijgbaar bij Staartjes en Strikjes - Staartjes en Strikjes

New collection of earrings from Orage Kids and Teenz now available at Staartjes en Strikjes

Are you looking for a new way to spice up your daughter's style? We have good news for you! The new collection of silver children's earrings from Orage Kids and Teenz is now available online at Staartjes en Strikjes. This Belgian jewelry brand has once again designed a beautiful collection of earrings, which are suitable for girls of all ages. In this blog we will tell you more about the different types of earrings in the collection and why they are so special. Read on and discover the perfect earrings to enhance the style of your budding fashionista!
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Lapetra Kinderoorbellen – Een Unieke Collectie - Staartjes en Strikjes

Lapetra Children's Earrings – A Unique Collection

We recently started selling various cheerful children's earrings from the Lapetra brand. This is a Spanish jewelery brand that is characterized by a very colorful and unique collection. We are very proud to be able to sell this beautiful brand of children's earrings. It is without a doubt an enrichment of our range.
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Onze Nieuwe Najaarscollectie – Warme & Neutrale Kleurtjes - Staartjes en Strikjes

Our New Fall Collection – Warm & Neutral Colors

Our unique range of hair accessories has been expanded with new, warm colors. This autumn collection has a lot to offer the young ladies. The warm colors are very diverse. Everyone's wishes have been thought of. Baby hair clips , toddler and toddler hair clips or hair clips  for the bigger ones girls ? The entire collection features new colors that are completely in line with the coming season.
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Onze nieuwe zomerse collectie haarspeldjes - Staartjes en Strikjes

Our new summer collection of hair clips

We understand that every young lady likes to vary a lot when it comes to hair accessories. After all, it is a party to come up with a new unique look every day. The accessories of Staartjes en Strikjes are of course indispensable. Our new collection certainly does not disappoint.

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Verschillende type oorbelletjes – Alle soorten op een rij - Staartjes en Strikjes

Different types of earrings – All types in a row

Finding suitable children's earrings can be quite a challenge. Because what options are there, and what does the young lady herself like? These are all things that are important when choosing a good pair of children's earrings. Fortunately, you can choose from different types of earrings at Staartjes en Strikjes. There is something for everyone.

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De huidvriendelijke sieraden van Blomdahl - Staartjes en Strikjes

The skin-friendly jewelry from Blomdahl

Wearing jewelry is a true hobby for most young ladies. One likes exuberant earrings, while the other prefers to keep it subtle. However, it can occur, in both children and adults, that there are skin allergies. This can make wearing jewelry uncomfortable or even impossible. Fortunately, we offer a solution!
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Oorbellen dragen – alles wat je moet weten - Staartjes en Strikjes

Wearing earrings – everything you need to know

Shooting holes is an exciting but fun moment. The first earrings are selected and the fun can begin. But how do you deal with the care of these ear holes? Which products do you use, and what should you pay attention to?
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Welke maat haarspeldjes kan ik het beste gebruiken? - Staartjes en Strikjes

What size hair clips should I use?

Looking for hair clips for your girl but don't know what size you need? Read all about the different sizes of hair clips here.
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