Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question that is not listed? Please contact us. This can be done very easily via email.

What are the shipping costs:

You can find all information about shipping costs here .

Can I pick up my order:

We do not have a real store, so unfortunately it is not possible to view the accessories in advance or to collect them after ordering.

I want to redeem several gift vouchers, is that possible?

Unfortunately, our system can only process 1 discount code/gift voucher per order. If you want to hand in several vouchers at the same time, please contact us before you order. We will then process the discount for you.

All prices on the Staartjes en Strikjes site are incl. VAT

Do you also ship outside the Netherlands:

Orders can be shipped all over the world. If your country is not listed, send an email to

I do not receive a confirmation email for my order:

If you have not received an order confirmation within 1 hour after your order, please contact us so that we can check whether everything went well. Most people have a Spam filter and unfortunately not all Spam filters let our confirmation e-mail through. The confirmation e-mail is therefore sometimes refused/blocked. If this is the case, please contact us to check whether we have already received and processed your payment.

I do not receive a packing slip with my order?

We ship the orders without a packing slip, this saves paper and is better for the environment. This often also saves shipping costs because we can ship in a smaller package. With the order confirmation of your order that you receive in the mail, there is a PDF file containing your invoice with which you can check your order.

What is the delivery time:

We aim to ship your order within 1 working day, exceptions to this will be stated in the shopping cart. Orders placed during the weekend will be processed and shipped on Monday in order of receipt. It depends on PostNL when your order will be delivered, unfortunately we cannot influence this. Please keep in mind that letterbox mail is no longer delivered every day and around the holidays it can also take longer. We ship from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. If your order is urgent, please inform your order in advance by e-mail or by telephone whether faster shipping is possible.

How will my order be shipped:

All orders are sent in a bubble envelope or letterbox box via PostNL's letterbox post.
Larger orders are sent in a box via PostNL. You will then receive a track & trace code by email after shipment.

Can I wash the hair accessories:

The hair accessories cannot be washed. The hats can be gently washed by hand, but should not be dried in a tumble dryer. Washing the accessories is at your own risk.

Safety hair accessories:

Never leave your child alone with the hair accessories and take them off when she goes to sleep. The small parts are dangerous. The hair accessories are not intended as toys.

Can I return worn earrings?

We ship earrings and other jewelry sealed, make sure that this seal is not broken, otherwise returns are no longer possible. We do this to ensure the hygiene of these products, you are always assured that the products are unworn.

Is there a warranty on the silver earrings?

We give a 1 month warranty on the earrings if they have been worn properly. The warranty does not cover: scratches and dents and other damage that can arise from daily use, fall damage, nor damage / discoloration caused by exposure to chemicals such as some types of perfume, make-up, hair styling products, chlorinated water, etc. during showering/bathing and swimming.

What should I do if an ear piercing is infected?

It can happen that an ear hole becomes inflamed. You can prevent this by using sterile earrings and regularly taking care of the ear hole. Make sure you don't place the closure too close to the earpiece so that enough air can get to the hole.
Also make sure that you wear earrings made of a material that meets all guidelines. Our silver earrings are guaranteed to be made of 925 Sterling Silver and are nickel and cobalt free (this may no longer be used under current regulations).
If the earlobe is inflamed, we recommend removing the earrings and cleaning them regularly to allow them to heal in this way. If the inflammation expands or if you do not trust it, it is wise to consult your doctor.

It can happen that an ear hole that has not caused any problems for years suddenly becomes inflamed. This can happen, for example, due to minor damage when putting on or taking off scarves and hats or when using chemicals such as those present in, for example, shampoo or bathing water.

There is black deposit on the earrings, why is that?

Silver is a precious metal that can oxidize, giving you a black discoloration. The discoloration is a natural process and is not harmful.
Everyone's skin is different and everyone reacts differently to silver.
We often get the question whether our earrings are made of real silver, the fact that it turns black is a sign that it is real silver.

Silver is blackened by sulfur, a substance found in the air and in many products. When silver comes into contact with this, a chemical reaction occurs and you get a black layer. Materials where sulfur can occur include perfumes, elastics, wool, rubber.

If your earrings have turned black, it is best to polish them with a (silver) polishing cloth.

Some more tips to prevent blackening are:
- take off the earrings if you perspire during sports, for example
- only put the earrings in after you have hairspray, parfum 
od have used

- take off the earrings when you go swimming or showering.