Silver children's earrings creoles/earrings Lilly

You can shop the nicest children's earrings at Staartjes en Bowjes. We have an extensive, beautiful collection of silver jewelry, including these hoop earrings/earrings for girls. The earrings are supplied in a storage box, which makes them also nice as a gift.
  • Sweet set of children's earrings of jeweler's quality made of 925 sterling silver, a very good quality silver.

  • The earrings are hoop earrings from the Lilly children's jewelry brand.
  • These fine earrings are beautifully finished and have a diameter of 12 mm. and the width is 1.7 mm.

  • We have a warranty period of 1 month on the earrings provided they have been worn properly. The warranty starts on the day we send the earrings to you. Keep this in mind if you want to give the earrings as a gift at a later time, check them upon receipt.

    The warranty does not cover: scratches and dents and other damage that may arise from daily use, fall damage, nor damage/discoloration caused by exposure to chemicals such as some types of perfume, make-up, shampoo, hair styling products, chlorinated water, etc.