Onze Nieuwe Najaarscollectie – Warme & Neutrale Kleurtjes - Staartjes en Strikjes

Our New Fall Collection – Warm & Neutral Colors

Our unique range of hair accessories has been expanded with new, warm colors. This autumn collection has a lot to offer the young ladies. The warm colors are very diverse. Everyone's wishes have been thought of. Baby hair clips , toddler and toddler hair clips or hair clips for the slightly bigger girls ? The entire collection features new colors that are completely in line with the coming season.

The new colors from our autumn collection are very diverse. From cream and pink to brown or burgundy, there is something for everyone. The older girls may opt for dark tones barrettes, while the smaller girls may prefer playful colors.

Fall collection with hair clips in soft, furry fabric Sweet baby hair clips with a bow in soft, neutral colors Hair clips for the girls with a fuller head of hair, made of a beautiful velvet fabric

In addition to many different colors, you will also find a wide range of various fabrics in our autumn collection . Rib fabric, teddy fabric or rather velour? The possibilities are plentiful. Curious which items from our new autumn collection are suitable for you? Read the article below to learn more about the new colors in our fall hair accessories collection.

Warm autumn colors in our new collection

It gets dark earlier outside, the temperatures are slowly dropping and the shops are already full of many goodies, in short; Autumn is upon us again. This naturally required a new autumn collection of our hair accessories . After all, every little girl wants to decorate herself according to the latest trends. The fantastic products from Staartjes en Strikjes will certainly help with this.

The autumn colors from our new collection are very diverse. Yet they are all warm colors that completely match the season. Below is an impression of the color options.

  • Cream/Beige
  • Pink/Lilac
  • Gold
  • (Rust) Brown
  • Dark green
  • Burgundy
  • Various shades of blue

This is just a sampling of some of the most popular shades of the moment. Of course every girl can choose her favorite color from our extensive collection!

Small, soft hair ties for the first pigtails or at the bottom of braids Small bow ties for baby, toddler and preschooler made of ribbed fabric. Baby hair band with a gold-colored bow with a subtle glitter

Hair accessories in various warm colors and materials

In addition to the new warm colors in our collection, there are also different materials to be found. Our hair bows, hair bows , pins and hair flowers are available in various types. This way you can create a real autumn look by choosing hair clips that are made of afurry fabric . These are completely in line with the autumn season that is just around the corner.

You can also opt for hair bows with a rib fabric, teddy fabric or velour. In this way we ensure that there is a perfect hair accessory for every young lady in our collection.

A pink corduroy pin or a furry hair clip with a tiger print? Our new fall collection makes it all possible! Check out our entire new collection to take a closer look at all the various colors and materials.

Sweet hair flowers of 5.5 cm. big in warm colors Toddler toddler hair clips of 4 cm. in a neutral, warm pink color Sweet Nectar Baby hair clips with bows in a warm dark pink color

Buy your favorite hair accessories at Staartjes en Strikjes

Small elastic bands or sweet hair flowers , you will find it all in the extensive collection of Staartje and Bows! Our products are of high quality and have a long service life. Baby hair clips , toddler and color hair clips or hair accessories for the bigger girls ? We respond to everyone's wishes.

Our hair clips are also very attractively priced. You can already score the most beautiful hair clips from our autumn collection from € 2.99. So grab your chance now!