Onze nieuwe zomerse collectie haarspeldjes - Staartjes en Strikjes

Our new summer collection of hair clips

We understand that every young lady likes to vary a lot when it comes to hair accessories. After all, it is a party to come up with a new unique look every day. The accessories of Staartjes and Strikjes are of course indispensable. Our new collection of hair clips certainly does not disappoint.

The new collection of hair clips is suitable for a broad target group. From babies to toddlers , but also the older girls can steal the show with our new products. Our summer hair clips provide a lovely fresh natural look for every girl. The nicest haircuts with the most unique patterns, you don't want to miss this collection.

So are you looking for some new summer hair accessories ? Then you are in the right place with the new collection of Staartjes en Strikjes. Curious if our collection also contains your favorite items? Below we briefly discuss all the ins and outs of our summer collection of new hair accessories. This will get you through the summer!

Sweet set of baby hair clips with bows in cream pink with shell print and light gray Sweet set of baby hair clips in green tones with shell print Sweet set of baby hair clips with bows in gray / ecru shades with shell print

Different colors of summer hairpins

Our new collection of hair clippers has a wide color palette. So the choice is huge. From earth tones to pastel colours , our collection is at home in all markets. Is the young lady a fan of basic hair fashion with colors such as white, beige or light brown? We have it in stock. Can the girl, on the other hand, appreciate colorful hair accessories? Then you're in the right place with our new summer collection. In that case, you simply go for cool green , cheerful salmon/orange or bright purple .

Our hair clips are sold in sets of two, three or four. These sets often contain various colors of hair clips. For example, do you want something quiet but also with a cheerful color? Then choose one of our unique sets that contain both a white and a colored hair clip. So you have two birds with one stone!

Nice set of toddler / toddler hair clips with bow in cream / brown with panther print Sweet set of toddler / toddler hairpins in natural shades with cherries Nice set of toddler / toddler hairpins blue cream with dots

Summer hair clips in all shapes and sizes

As already mentioned, our new collection contains a wide range of hair accessories for various age categories. Of course, this includes various types of haircuts. After all, a baby benefits from smaller hair clips, while an older girl probably prefers to wear a slightly larger pin with perhaps a cheerful bow on it. So everyone's needs have been thought of.

In addition, the hair clips from our new collection feature the most unique designs. Whether you like dots, stripes, bows or a panther print, at Staartjes en Strikjes you will certainly succeed for that new set of summer hair clips.

The materials also differ. A warm look with our ribbed hair clips or a sleek look with our pins with ribbon bow. You can endlessly combine with our extensive and unique summer collection.

Get your summer hair accessories today

Do you want to experience our new collection yourself? Then make sure you score your new summer hair clips at Staartjes en Strikjes today. For baby , toddler, toddler or older girls , there is something for everyone.

Our unique hair clippers are also available for a very attractive price. You can already score a unique set of summer hair clips from only € 2.99. So grab your chance now!