Children's earrings silver earrings

Very popular are these beautiful silver earrings. Creoles are round silver earrings with a closure that are very easy to put in. You put the ring through the hole of the earlobe, then you "slap" the earring closed and click it into place. You don't close normal earrings, but you put the bar in the ring. We have an extensive collection, the silver earrings are available with beautiful crystals, but also with cheerful animals, unicorns, hearts and so on. Enough choice for everyone. Prefer a different kind of earrings? Take a look, for example, at our extensive collection of pendant earrings , silver children's earrings with screw closure, silver children's earrings with French closure or the collection of silver children's earrings with butterfly closure. All our earrings are shipped in a nice storage box.